How do people from East and West look back on the revolutionary period in 1989/90?

The end of the dictatorship in the GDR caused sudden, deep changes to everyday life. Many people were forced to completely readjust and start again. The initial delight about the new freedoms was replaced by disappointment and anger at the political decisions that were made. Over 30 years later, residents of Friedrichshain (formerly East Berlin) and Kreuzberg (formerly West Berlin) and artists of the East Side Gallery look back on the changes.

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What do you associate with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany?

desire to restructure
fear of the future
devaluation of my life's work
neglect of specific groups
everything is possible
mixed feelings
displacement from the labour market
options to shape the political landscape
no more fear of arbitrary arrest
freedom to travel
opportunities for consumption
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