"Techno went so well with that bang, the 'turnaround'."

Norbert Trompeteler, 2021

Who is Norbert Trompeteler?

Techno and clubs in the 1990s

The club Ostgut

From the Berlin of the 1990s to a capitalist city

West Berlin: City of his childhood dreams

Where were you on 9 November 1989?

All change after 1989

A competitive sportsman in East Berlin

Remembering the "protocol route" along Mühlenstraße

Nightlife in the 1990s and the leftwing scene

Norbert Trompeteler was born in East Berlin in 1973. A competitive wrestler while still at school, he was often excused from [GDR youth movement] FDJ events to take part in training and matches. His image of West Berlin was based on what he heard on the radio and the packages of western goods sent by his relatives. When the Wall came down and he got to know the other part of the city, he was more disillusioned than delighted. But it marked the beginning of an intense period of squatting houses and especially music and parties for the then 16-year-old. In the 1990s, Norbert Trompeteler started working for the club Ostgut, now Berghain.

"There is no room here anymore for the people, only for people with money."

Norbert Trompeteler on Berlin, 2021

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