"We did it because it was ace. It was just ace. We did something, we showed determination, like I always said, we got our foot in the door and pushed so it opened wider and wider…"

Dirk Moldt, 2021

Who is Dirk Moldt?

Life in Friedrichshain

Youth work in East Berlin

Life with the Wall

1989: A feeling of liberation

30 years after reunification: How has Berlin changed?

Dirk Moldt was born in Berlin and moved to Friedrichshain as a young adult. There he became involved in "Offene Arbeit" and "Kirche von Unten" circles and the author and editor of “mOAning stars”, a dissident samizdat publication. Motivated by his democratic convictions as well as his wish to live together with his friends, in 1989 he and a group of others squatted a house in East Berlin. He remembers the violent attacks on squatted houses by "rightwing thugs" and the murder of his friend Silvio Meier, who was stabbed to death by neo-Nazis in 1992. But he also looks back on the new opportunities that he and others gained after the Wall came down. A trained clockmaker, from 1996 to 2002 he studied history, gained a doctorate in 2007, and is now head of collections at Lichtenberg Museum.

"It’s a feeling of liberation, it still is. We couldn’t have become anything in the GDR. I would probably have become a frustrated little … perhaps I would have studied something, but it wouldn’t have been anything great – I wouldn‘t have been able to become what I am now, neither my children, or my relatives."

Dirk Moldt on 1989, 2021

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