"The music put this city back on the map."

Sebastian Eberhard on techno in 1990s Berlin, 2021

Who is Sebastian Eberhard?

His road to music

Emergence of the Berlin techno scene after 1989

Pioneers of techno in Berlin

Youth in East and West: united in music

Music and freedom: The club Ostgut

Subculture and urban development

Childhood in the divided city

The Wall at Mühlenstraße

Remembering the Wall opening at the Brandenburg Gate

Germany's reunification

Sebastian Eberhard is a DJ from West Berlin. Active in Berlin clubs from 1991 onwards, he gained legendary status under his DJ name, Bass Dee. From 1994 to 1998, he presented the drum’n‘bass show "Radio Massive" with Thaddeus Hermann on Berlin Kiss FM, a leading platform for DJs. Sebastian Eberhard was resident DJ in several clubs including Maria, Ostgut, Elektro, Cookies und Suicide and DJ for the "hard:edged" partys in WMF, where he played a key role in Berlin‘s drum’n’bass scene. He also ran his own record label, "Case Invaders", with DJ Bleed. Sebastian Eberhard lives in Berlin and continues to make music, e.g., with the label Hidden Hawaii.

"To us, the Wall had quite a presence."

Sebastian Eberhard, 2021

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Music by Bass Dee on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bassdee

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