Who is Christine Cyrus?

How has Berlin evolved since the end of the GDR?

Her mother's and siblings' escape to West Germany

Remembering Ludwig Hayne, a young neighbour exexuted for treason

From Thuringia to Berlin

Remembering the Wall in Mühlenstraße

Female friendship between East and West

Border opening, sparkling wine and warm welcomes

"We were really happy about the fall of the Wall, it meant that our family could meet without complications, that our parishes could meet. But the euphoria that we saw in lots of people, that wasn’t so pronounced with us. Because we knew that what was to come wouldn’t be easy.“

Christine Cyrus, 2021

Christine Cyrus was born the daughter of a farmer in Thuringia during the second world war. Her father was abducted by the occupying Soviet army in 1946 and her mother raised Christine and her siblings alone. In 1958 Christine’s mother decided to flee to the West but Christine stayed in the GDR as she was engaged. She married a pastor and lived from the 1970s on in Berlin-Friedrichshain, performing parish welfare work. She lived through the Peaceful Revolution and the system changes in Friedrichshain and still lives there today. Since 1990 she has been involved in the action group "Kinder von Tschernobyl", organising summer holidays in Brandenburg for children from Chernobyl and the region affected by nuclear contamination since the reactor disaster.

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Contemporary witnesses