Dieter Wien was born in Berlin in 1922. He studied painting in Stockholm, Sweden, and was active as a freelance artist and interior designer from 1954 onwards. His panel paintings were shown in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. He painted the optimistic work “Der Morgen” (“The Morning”) in the East Side Gallery.

Wien’s painting “Der Morgen” (“The Morning”) shows an optimistic scene of a winged male figure with a woman in his arms, floating across a blue sky above a peaceful landscape. They are flying away from the black area on the left side of the picture, which perhaps symbolises the Berlin Wall, towards the sun, which is radiating a glistening light. The painting conveys a sense of the artist’s optimistic belief in a better future shortly after the fall of the Wall.

Wien recorded his personal circumstances in many of his artworks. His panel paintings are held by German and US museums. He also produced decorative murals for churches, swimming pools, and other public buildings in north Germany. He lived in Holstein until his death in 2015.

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