“It seemed as if I was in between Brezhnev’s and Honecker’s lips.”

Interview 2021

Russian artist Dmitry Vrubel was born in Moscow (Soviet Union) in 1960. Vrubel’s Wall painting “Danke, Andrej Sacharow” (“Thank you, Andrej Sacharov”) pays tribute to the eponymous Russian dissident.

Dmitry Vrubel in the interview

The "brotherly kiss" and another painting

Who is Dmitry Vrubel and what is the East Side Gallery?

Vrubel today

Honecker and Brezhnev, politics and art, love and death

Two affairs involving Brezhnev and Honecker

What should be in the East Side Gallery?

Reactions to Brezhnev and Honecker

Painting the "deadly love"

Art for the moment or for prosperity?

Renovating in 2009 - authenticity, reconstruction and improvement

Soviet and western architecture in Berlin

How did perestroika in Moscow affect you?

Fame in Germany

In his wall painting "Thank you, Andrej Sacharov", Vrubel pays tribute to Andrei Sakharov, Russian dissident and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who stood up for dissenters and a constitutional and open society in the Soviet Union.

Vrubel studied at the the Moscow Lenininstitut’s faculty of art and graphic design and ran an art gallery in his Moscow home before moving to Berlin in 1990. A concept artist, he calls his method of reproducing images taken from the internet “multimedia-graffiti”. His works in the East Side Gallery earned him international acclaim as a painter. Until his death in 2022 he lived in Berlin where he ran a gallery with his wife.

Dimitri Vrubel: „Mein Gott, hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben“


„Danke, Andrej Sacharov“ is part of the online-tour: Life in a Dictatorship

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