“Berlin is the city I love most after my home town. So to have to possibility to leave something of myself in this place, was a wonderful thing.”

Interview, 2021

Portuguese artist Ana L. M. Rodrigues graduated in Fine Arts before gaining a PhD in Visual Communication. She is now a professor of graphics at the Lisbon University of Technology. Her Wall painting, showing figures in protective clothing, refers to the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident of 1986.

Ana L. M. Rodrigues in the interview

On her artwork

Introducing the artist and her artwork

The untitled Wall painting by Ana L. M. Rodrigues shows a group of people wearing white protective clothing and gas masks. Some of them are carrying weapons. They represent the “liquidators” who decontaminated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the reactor accident in 1986. The painting was the artist’s interpretation of the suggested theme of ecology. It depicts a vision of a future world without sun, in which people are at war.

Portuguese artist Ana L. M. Rodrigues studied Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. From 1989 to 1992 she lived in Berlin, where she was engaged in research in the fields of cultural studies and aesthetics at the College of Arts. She gained a PhD in Visual Communication and now lectures at the Lisbon University of Technology.


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