"[I’m glad] even if my painting gives pleasure to just one passer-by!"

Interview 2021

Catrin Resch was born in Schwerin (East Germany) in 1965, where she lives today. A trained mason, she submitted two designs for the East Side Gallery in 1989, of which “Europas Frühling” (Europe’s spring) was selected. Her optimistic painting shows God protecting people from evil in the world. It is an appeal for peace and to protect the environment.

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Resch’s painting “Europas Frühling” (Europe’s spring) shows God holding his arms protectively around the earth and keeping harm from the world. The evil is portrayed as nuclear power plants and weaponry. Two groups of dancing people on either side of the picture, isolated from each other, stand for the nations of Eastern and Western Europe. The rainbow running diagonally across the picture links the two groups. With this painting, Catrin Resch expressed an appeal for peace and environmental protection.

After leaving school, Resch trained to become a mason. Despite going on to graduate in civil engineering she decided to continue working as a mason. She has passionately pursued art as a hobby art since her youth. She also takes part in international weightlifting contests and is an active member of Schwerin’s Protestant community. In 1989 she submitted two designs for the East Side Gallery, of which “Europas Frühling” (Europe’s spring) was selected.


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