The artist Ditmar Reiter is thought to come from West Berlin. No more is known about him. He painted an untitled picture of a forest of trees in the East Side Gallery which seems to comment on the simultaneous strength and vulnerability of humans and nature. As well as his Wall painting, he produced acrylic paintings on canvas. No more is known about him.

Ditmar Reiter’s untitled Wall painting shows a leafy forest in summer from a wanderer’s perspective. The trees are straight and tall, standing upright like an army of soldiers. Reiter added the following lines to his painting: So stark / Und doch verletzbar / Das Volk, der Wald / Der Mensch, der Baum. (So strong / and yet vulnerable / the people, the forest / the human, the tree). The text and the motif perhaps refer to the strength found in numbers. In this way, the artist took up the Gallery initiators’ suggestion to address environmental issues.


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