Jacky Ramier (alias Jay One) was born on the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe in 1967. A pioneer of European graffiti art in 1980s Paris, he is now an internationally known artist who works and exhibits all over the world. His picture on the Wall shows a man spraying the word “Jay” on the Wall.

Jay One’s picture in the East Side Gallery changed between 1990 and 2009, although the basic motif remained the same. It shows his alias Jay emblazoned on a black background. Adjoining the artist’s name are the names of well-known Berlin graffiti artists, such as the Kreuzberg street gang 36 Boys and Maxim. The version of 2009 shows fewer names than that of 1990. The words “From Guadeloupe… To Kamakura” can be read as a reference to the artist’s biography and his now worldwide artistic activity.

Since the 1980s Ramier has been at the vanguard of the European graffiti and hip-hop scene and created pieces that influenced style writing in Berlin before 1989. Today Jay One works as a multi-disciplinary artist and author, fusing painting, video installations, Black music, and object art. His art deals with the pan-African diaspora, addressing both oppression and Black resistance and resilience.


„Jay“ is part of the online-tour: Street Art

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