Patrizio Porracchia was born in Italy and is now a Swiss national. His work “Der Blitz” (The lightning bolt), painted in an abstract street-art style, captures the sense of surprise when the Wall was opened in November 1989.

Porracchia’s Wall painting in abstract street-art style shows a blue lightning bolt shooting diagonally across the picture plane. Above, there is a hole struck by the lightning in a dark-grey surface. The angular form of the lightning bolt contrasts starkly against the undulating lines in the background. The artist has described the lightning bolt as freeing the people from the Berlin Wall; it seems to stand for the unexpected nature of the opening of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989.

Porracchia travelled through Italy as a young man before studying art in Paris. He then settled in Frankfurt am Main to work as an artist. He painted “Der Blitz” (The lightning bolt) in the East Side Gallery in 1990. Three years later he moved to Switzerland and now lives in Portugal. Porracchia finds inspiration for his art in travelling, nature, and technology. He has exhibited his work in several countries.


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