Sabine Krämer-Schramm comes from West Germany and lives in Berlin. She painted her work “Peanuts” on the Berlin Wall in 1996, six years after the other East Side Gallery artists. Showing a reversed Deutsche Bank logo, it criticizes the arrogance of banks towards the people who depend on the money they deal.

The painting “Peanuts” shows a reversed Deutsche Bank logo to which white “manager underpants” are attached. It refers to the Deutsche Bank’s “Peanuts affair” of 1994: Then spokesman of the management board Hilmar Kopper played down the outstanding invoices of a bankrupt construction company – on which people’s livelihoods depended – as “peanuts”. The quote was seen to epitomize banks’ arrogance towards smaller businesses.

Krämer-Schramm studied fashion design at the Lette Verein in Berlin and qualified as a master tailor. She has received several awards for her designs. She lives in Berlin where she works as an artist and photographer and runs a fashion studio. Her painting was the only one to be added later to the East Side Gallery. Krämer-Schramm painted it in on a blank part of the Wall in 1996, restored it in 2000 and repainted it in the same place in 2009.

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