Jacob Köhler is an artist from West Germany. In 1990 he lived in Frankfurt am Main. He painted the word “Lotus” in a street-art style in the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall. No more is known about him.

Köhler’s Wall painting “Lotus” is a stunning piece of graffiti. It shows the barely decipherable word “Lotus” in brightly coloured Wild Style against a black background. Graphic elements such as jagged outlines, arrows, 3D contours, and shadows make the letters resemble abstract forms. The artist completed his work with the phrase “Die Lotusblüte ist ein Symbol für gute Kräfte” (“The lotus blossom symbolises the powers of good”). In 2009 he renovated and retouched his painting.


„Lotus“ is part of the online-tour: Street Art

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