The late Youngran Kim-Hohlfeld (alias Lana Kim) was born in South Korea in 1949. She studied visual communication in Berlin, where she then worked as an independent artist. She painted two untitled works at different points in the East Side Gallery.

Kim-Hohlfeld painted an untitled work on the Wall depicting the legs of a person standing behind a brick archway, bathed in warm sunlight. The bright background seems to be a cloudless sky. The legs are rigid and immobile, as if part of the construction, perhaps symbolising the stagnation of the East German state before the Peaceful Revolution. In 2009 Jeanett Kipka repainted the work for the restoration of the East Side Gallery.

Kim-Hohlfeld studied visual communication at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin from 1983 to 1990. She then worked as an independent artist and book illustrator in Berlin. Her works have been exhibited in several galleries and museums in Germany and Korea.

Youngran Kim-Hohlfeld (Lana Kim): Ohne Titel

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