Lance Keller is a US artist. In the late 1980s he was active as a mural painter in restaurants in West Berlin. No more is known about him. In 1990 he painted a large-scale copy of the cover image of Pink Floyd’s 1979 rock album The Wall on the Berlin Wall. He also painted a design by the artist Oscar (Hans Bierbrauer), depicting the Statue of Liberty, at another point on the Berlin Wall.

Lance Keller, The Wall, 1997
Lance Keller, The Wall, 1997

The enlarged cover image of the Pink Floyd album “The Wall” seems to have marked a concert given by the band on 21 July 1990 in the border strip on Potsdamer Platz. It reproduced an original design of 1979 by artist and caricaturist Gerald Scarfe. It shows distorted, monster-like figures peering through gaps in a white wall. An army of hammers is marching in the centre. Some elements, such as the teacher figure with the white telescope eyes, also appeared in a 1982 Pink Floyd film and concert.

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