"I felt like I was a bit like divided Berlin: I was divided between Scotland and Berlin, and divided between this artistic life and family life"

Interview 2021

Margaret Hunter was born in Irvine (Scotland) in 1948. Her paintings at the East Side Gallery are “Joint Venture” and “Hands”, which she painted with the Scottish artist Peter Russell.

Margaret Hunter and Peter Russell in the interview

On her painting "Hands"

Who is Margaret Hunter?

Impressions of the divided city

Changes after the fall of the Wall

What was it like to paint on the Wall?

"Keeping the Gallery was a game of ping pong"

To copy or not to copy? On the Gallery's restoration in 2009

What is art?

On her painting "Joint Venture"

"The East Side Gallery is…"

Hunter’s Wall painting “Hands” was a collaboration with the Scottish artist Peter Russell. Hunter chose outstretched hands, repeating a painting, entitled “Berlin 09.11.89”, that she made on the night the Berlin Wall fell. The motif reminded her of the peaceful protests in East Germany that led up to the Fall of the Wall. Russell painted the upper right hand part of the picture with geometrical shapes and connecting the marks with Russell’s painting “Himmel und Sucher” (“Sky and Seeker”).

Margaret Hunter studied at the Glasgow School of Art 1981-85 before enrolling at the West Berlin University of Arts. Her much-acclaimed work earned her a scholarship from the Karl Hofer Gesellschaft and various awards, including the European Woman of Achievement Award. Her career has seen her work in various countries, including Finland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Germany. She first visited East Berlin in 1986 and found a huge difference to the opulence of West Berlin.

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Margaret Hunter, Hands and Joint Venture (right), 1990
Margaret Hunter, Hands and Joint Venture (right), 1990

Margaret Hunter: „Joint Venture“ Peter Russel: „Himmel und Sucher“

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