“I made the picture three times and I got better and better.“

artist’s own video, 2021

Imre Gábor is a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. He lives in Budapest. His work “Wasserfall” (“Waterfall”) was inspired by a poem of 1848 by the Hungarian national poet Sándor Petöfi, which uses water as a metaphor for revolution.

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Imre Gábor’s painting “Wasserfall” (“Waterfall”), shows a sky-blue waterfall against a white background, painted in a graphic, comic-book style. It was inspired by the poem “Föltámadott a tenger” (“The whole sea has revolted”) written by the Hungarian national poet and revolutionary Sándor Petöfi around the time of the Hungarian revolution, 1848/49. The poem uses rushing water as a symbol for uprising. Gábor took up this metaphor to create a political work with a statement that is still relevant today.

The painter and graphic artist Imre Gábor was born in Dunaújváros, Hungary. He graduated from the Budapest College of Fine Arts and ran his own graphic design studio for 20 years. His works have been widely shown and won several awards. Artists he has exhibited with include fellow Hungarian Gábor Gerhes, who also contributed a painting to the East Side Gallery. Today Imre Gábor is a professor of graphic design at the Budapest Metropolitan University.

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