Laszlo Erkel is a Hungarian stage and set designer who lives and works in Budapest. His Wall painting “You can see infinity” stands out for its uniform red colour.

“You can see infinity” by Laszlo Erkel stands out for its blanket use of red paint to cover five segments of the Wall. The artist drilled holes in the original of 1990 through which visitors could look at the area behind the Wall. The holes were closed during the Wall’s restoration in 2009.

Laszlo Erkel is a Hungarian artist from Budapest who works under the pseudonym “Kentaur”. Hailing from an artistic family, he studied painting at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. He also played in a New Wave band and performed solo rock music. Through his stage work, he became involved in stage design, gaining an international reputation for his stage and costume designs. He has created notable sets for many major opera houses and theatres.

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