Marc Engel painted the work “Marionetten eines abgesetzten Stücks” (Puppets in a dropped play) in the East Side Gallery. It depicts puppet-like figures collapsing in a desolate landscape and perhaps refers to the end of the SED regime in East Germany. The artist restored the painting in 2009 using slightly different colours. No more is known about him.

Engel’s Wall painting “Marionetten eines abgesetzten Stücks” (Puppets in a dropped play) depicts a bleak, surreal scene reminiscent of the work of Salvador Dalí: Three puppets are seen stumbling and falling beneath a gloomy sky in a desolate landscape. The figure in the foreground, resembling the protagonist in Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, is shedding tears of blood. The painting perhaps alludes to German reunification, which the people of East Germany experienced as a time of instability, saying goodbye to their old lives, and starting anew.

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