Salvadore de Fazio is an artist from the United States. That is all we know about him. In 1990 he painted a picture for the East Side Gallery on the Berlin Wall titled the “Dawn of Peace”, marking the end of the Cold War in 1989/90.

Salvadore de Fazio, Dawn of Peace, 1997
Salvadore de Fazio, Dawn of Peace, 1997

De Fazio’s Wall painting “Dawn of Peace” celebrated the beginning of détente between the Western powers and the Eastern bloc states in 1989/90, using strong, clear symbols. Like fellow East Side Gallery artist Andrej Smolák, de Fazio shows a dove in front of a large, yellow sun. In de Fazio’s painting, the dove seems to be almost touching the sun. In 2009, the artist changed some details of his painting.

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