"Please don't graffiti our paintings. I get really very sad when I see that people have scribbled silly stuff on top of art that we've worked on many times throughout the years. It's disrespectful."

Interview 2021

Karina Bjerregaard was born in Nyborg (Denmark) in 1962. She works with painting, performing arts, and graphic design and lives in Copenhagen. Her Wall painting “Himlen over Berlin” (“The sky above Berlin”) portrays the euphoria surrounding the fall of the Wall. She painted it in cooperation with Lotte Haubart, a graphic designer who also lives in Copenhagen.

Karina Bjerregaard in the interview

Motifs in "Himlen over Berlin"

Who is Karina Bjerregaard?

The painting that was moved

About the fall of the Wall

How did you get involved in the East Side Gallery?

Impressions of divided Berlin in 1990

Mühlenstraße in 1990

Painting and graffiti in 1990

Painters and onlookers at the Wall

Inspiration for and more about "Himlen over Berlin"

The mood of the painting

Changes to and colours in the painting

Please don't graffiti

The East Side Gallery is...

The painting “Himlen over Berlin” is inspired by a song by Nina Hagen and the film “Wings of Desire” (German: “Himmel über Berlin”) by Wim Wenders. Lotte Haubart painted the flying dogs; Karina Bjerregaard the Brandenburg Gate. The descending angel stands for Wenders, a West German filmmaker; the ascending angel for Hagen, a singer from East Germany. The painting depicts the sense of excitement and happiness at being able to pass freely through the Brandenburg Gate again. In 2013 “Himlen over Berlin” was cut apart and moved into the park to make way for the new Living Levels apartment building.

Karina Bjerregaard und Lotte Haubart, Himlen over Berlin, 1997
Karina Bjerregaard und Lotte Haubart, Himlen over Berlin, 1997

Bjerregaard’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. She read the call for applications to the East Side Gallery in a Danish newspaper and left for Berlin with fellow artist Lotte Haubart two days later. They painted “Himlen over Berlin” on the Wall together.

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