Muriel Raoux is a French artist who now works as a textile designer. She painted a work with the artist Kani Alavi as well as her own work, “Les Yeux Ouverts” (“With open eyes”) in the East Side Gallery. Her painting is an appeal to look ahead with optimism without forgetting lessons from the past.

Muriel Raoux is an artist from France who now works as a textile designer. She was active on the Berlin art scene when the Wall fell. We do not know any more about her.

In the partly abstract, partly representational picture “Les Yeux Ouverts” (“With open eyes”) by Muriel Raoux, objects and forms are seen to be blown around by the wind within a green landscape. A woman with windswept hair directs the viewer’s gaze to a girl who is looking directly out of the picture. With this work, the artist called on viewers to approach the present with open eyes and bear in mind the lessons learned from the past. Raoux also painted a picture with the artist Kani Alavi based on an African teaching of the potential in every individual.

Muriel Raoux: „LesYeuxOuverts“ Kani Alavi: „Es geschah im November“

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Information about Kani Alavi can be found on his homepage: http://www.kanialavi.com/

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