The artist Kasra Alavi was born in Iran and lives in Germany. No more is known about him. He painted the work “Flucht” (Flight) in the East Side Gallery, depicting a human figure running in an abstract landscape.

Kasra Alavi, Flucht, 1997
Kasra Alavi, Flucht, 1997

Alavi’s painting “Flucht” depicts a human figure in an abstract landscape. It is portrayed in a central perspective, with the vanishing point and the figure at the centre of the picture. The figure apparently running towards the viewer interrupts the otherwise symmetrical composition. In the 1990s, when the East Side Gallery was falling derelict, the following words were added to the painting: “Wer East Side Gallery vergisst, vergisst die Geschichte” (“Whoever forgets the East Side Gallery forgets history”). In 2009 the work was renovated in more cheerful colours and the text painted over.

As well as contributing to the East Side Gallery, in 1991 Alavi collaborated with fellow artists on a commission to paint a Wall section, which was then displayed on the commissioning company’s grounds in Wildau.

Kamel Alavi: „Ohne Titel“

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